About us

JAPO - transport

  • specialist in the carriage of goods from/to Italy with daily operations
  • sophisticated logistics system
  • deliveries in line with the JUST IN TIME principle guaranteed
  • express transportation
  • forwarding services
  • 135 trucks
  • carriage of goods weighing 1 kilogramme to 24 tonnes


The company was founded by Igor Janulík in 1991. It offers comprehensive services in the field of cargo transportation, haulage, distribution and storage of goods. Throughout its existence, the company has strived to improve its services on a continuous basis.

A long reference list of long-term partners is a proof of quality of the company’s services.

The company owns a fleet of 135 tractors and trailers used to ensure smooth flow of goods in the Czech Republic as well as anywhere in Europe. The company specialises in the carriage of goods from/to Italy. However, it can arrange for the carriage of goods anywhere in the world, should a customer so wish.

The company is no longer “just a transportation company”, as it provides a broad range of services to its customers and carriers.

Services offered 

  • Warehousing
  • Truck repair shop
  • Spare parts and accessories
  • Maintenance of AC units
  • Emission measurement station
  • Tachograph review
  • Car wash
  • Petrol station